One week among nature and magic surrounded by family and friends.

Huasca "place of rejoicing" lives up to its name, when you arrive here you'll wish to stay forever. Walking along its streets, exploring the surroundings, eating, listening to nature in an environment that is far from the city bustle.
This beautiful ranch counts with six hectares (60,000 square meters) with colonial style.

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FAQs - How long in advance can I cancel my reservation?
A: 20 days maximum.

- What is the maximum number of people who can stay at the ranch?
A: 10 people.
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FAQs - Can I bring my pet?
A: At the moment, the Ranch does not have the comforts and features to house pets in our facilities, so it is not possible to bring them with you.

- Are there stores near the ranch?
A: Yes, 5 minutes walking and 3 minutes by car.
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FAQs - Is there a choice of a Kosher menu?
A: Yes, you need to notify us in advance that you want it, so that our staff can prepare it.

- I do not speak Spanish. Do you have staff who speak English during your stay at the ranch?
A: Yes, you can count on a person who supports the translation of your needs. This service has an extra cost.